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My work deals with a translation, engaging in issues of place and the connection between human and non-human nature through an examination of memory, myth, and both personal and imagined histories.  Though pictorially I engage with motifs of nature, landscape, the beautiful, and the sublime, I view these themes as the means to metaphorically explore ideas regarding the spaces (and non-spaces) we create for ourselves, the stories we tell and inhabit, the the desire to transcend the boundaries of our bodies and our reason.  It is this urge and its ultimate failure which lies at the crux of my practice.

    I try again and again to navigate the territories between dichotomies of object and image, mediation and direct experience, interior and exterior space.  I am interested in how this repeated attempt relates to the idea of ritual.  Rituals themselves are acts of futility, but in their accumulated and repeated reenactment they create meaning, succeeding instead at something which is not their most ostensible goal.  I am always most satisfied in the space that opens up in this failure at reconciliation, but it is also a point of tension.  I view my art as taking place in the making, a performative act that yields artifacts of that labor, artifacts that are meant to convey meaning that is incapable of being shared.  We often place our faith in objects to somehow clasp meaning and memory, to hold them fixed within their tangible bounds, and yet what we usually end up with is an arrival at the beginning again: desire for connection, and an internal landscape that is in many ways more real than the actual thing.


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